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Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Case Management Services are characterized by linking clients with emotional disorders to
obtain the resources they need according to the individualized needs of each client to manage a
stable life.


A certified targeted case manager (TCM) provides support with the client in different ways and works based on a service plan that is adjusted to the needs of each client during a certain period that it is estimated that the client can achieve the goals and objectives developed in the plan.


TCM Program

  • Assistance in Accessing Medical Care

  • Coordination of Counseling

  • Linking with Psychiatric Appointments

  • Behavior Analysis Coordination Services

  • Psychological Evaluation Appointment Coordination

  • Coordination of Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy

  • Coordination of Housing Emergency Assistance Funding

  • Advocacy and Support to Parents at IEP or 504 Schools Meetings

  • Coordination of Tutoring and Mentoring Services

  • Link to Psycho-social Rehabilitation Services

  • Monitoring Progress of Client Emotional, Social, Educational and Medical Services

  • Referral to Food, Furniture, and Clothing Emergency Funding

  • Home Care Referrals for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

  • Link to Legal Services for Child Support, Social Security, Protection Orders, and others.

  • Advocacy and Linkage to Residential Treatment Facilities

  • Advocacy with the Department of Children and Family Services


We actively seek feedback from clients and their family members  so we can continue to provide clinically superior care in a safe, supportive, and structured environment where each person will be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.

Our clients represent the multicultural/multilingual fabric of our community and constitute the majority of our total clients. 

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