About Us


Pan American Behavioral Health Services strives to be the premier provider and advocate of mental health in Central Florida by providing safe and compassionate care for our participants and a supportive workplace for our staff within a multilingual and multicultural environment.



Pan American Behavioral Health Services is dedicated to providing excellent and effective behavioral health treatment to all we serve.  Our compassionate and professional staff is committed to treating each person served with respect, dignity, and care.  All participants and their families receive our full attention, effort, and expertise.  We are committed to providing all resources, information, and assistance necessary to best prepare our participants to meet their treatment objectives and achieved sustained recovery.



The philosophy of Pan American Behavioral Health Services is to provide the highest quality care in a manner that encourages healing, resilience, and recovery.  Pan American’s philosophy starts with a trauma-informed person-centered care, individualizing treatment to the needs of each participant.  Our person-first approach allows us to provide the participant with strength-based approaches premised upon their functioning, family,  community, and their natural resources.  Recovery and resiliency are at the center of this holistic approach, as are trauma-informed approaches to care.  Participants are actively involved in their treatment by establishing their goals, putting them into action, and routinely reviewing their own progress.  Clinicians and practitioners utilize each participant’s strengths to empower them to guide their own recovery, overcome barriers, and facilitate growth. 


We value the unique strengths and capabilities of our participants and we are dedicated to providing a person-centered treatment experience to each of our participants.  We appreciate the valuable role that family and significant others play in the treatment and recovery process, and we endeavor to promote healing within families and to prepare our participants’ loved ones to be sources of ongoing support


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