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Salud mental

Los servicios de salud mental se mejoran con los servicios de rehabilitación psicosocial que promueven la vida independiente, las habilidades sociales, la educación / vocacional y otras habilidades que mejoran el compromiso con la comunidad.


A certified targeted case manager (TCM) provides support with the client in different ways and works based on a service plan that is adjusted to the needs of each client during a certain period that it is estimated that the client can achieve the goals and objectives developed in the plan.


TCM Program

  • Assistance in Accessing Medical Care

  • Coordination of Counseling

  • Linking with Psychiatric Appointments

  • Behavior Analysis Coordination Services

  • Psychological Evaluation Appointment Coordination

  • Coordination of Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy

  • Coordination of Housing Emergency Assistance Funding

  • Advocacy and Support to Parents at IEP or 504 Schools Meetings

  • Coordination of Tutoring and Mentoring Services

  • Link to Psycho-social Rehabilitation Services

  • Monitoring Progress of Client Emotional, Social, Educational and Medical Services

  • Referral to Food, Furniture, and Clothing Emergency Funding

  • Home Care Referrals for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

  • Link to Legal Services for Child Support, Social Security, Protection Orders, and others.

  • Advocacy and Linkage to Residential Treatment Facilities

  • Advocacy with the Department of Children and Family Services


Buscamos activamente la retroalimentación de los participantes y sus familiares para poder continuar brindando una atención clínicamente superior en un entorno seguro, de apoyo y estructurado donde cada persona será tratada con amabilidad, dignidad y respeto.

Nuestros participantes representan el tejido multicultural / multilingüe de nuestra comunidad y constituyen la mayoría de nuestros participantes totales.

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